Yaakov Malkin
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Yaakov Malkin is an educator, writer, literary critic, and professor emeritus in the Faculty of Arts at Tel Aviv University. 

Professor Yaakov Malkin has taught comparative literature, aesthetics, theater, and film criticism, and co-founded the Department for Cinema and Television at Tel Aviv University. He also founded and directed two Jewish-Arab community centers in Haifa, the first of their kind, and published several texts on community, education, and public speaking.

Over the past 25 years, Professor Yaakov Malkin's writings have focused on secular Judaism and humanistic ethics, and he has published extensively on the topic. He served as editor-in-chief of Free Judaism, a magazine for Judaism as Culture, which he founded in 1995 and ran in print until 2004. Malkin also serves as provost of the International Institute for Humanistic Secular Judaism, based in Jerusalem (as Tmura-Israeli Judaism), which trains Secular Rabbis in a four-year track.

All art on this website, including all book covers, are based on paintings by the artist Felice Pazner Malkin